Becoming the subject of a police investigation into some sort of wrongdoing can seem like an intimidating prospect. Fortunately, however, Massachusetts and American law require that each individual accused of crimes like assault and battery be considered innocent until and only if sufficient evidence can be demonstrated proving their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a serious and high burden of proof for prosecutors to surmount; and one which they do not always succeed in meeting.


Recently, one Massachusetts man became accused of committing assault and battery after an altercation between the 19-year-old subject and a woman. The incident apparently took place at a residence in Arlington, located on Amsden Street. At least one account of the dispute indicates that the man may have physically restrained the woman by her neck and pinned her against a door.

The man is further accused of preventing the woman from making an emergency call by hiding the phones in the residence so she could not use them. The 19-year-old man was later arrested by authorities and charged with both assault and battery, along with intimidating a witness. These are serious charges which could lead to consequences like jail time and financial penalties if a conviction should be obtained.


With that being said, not every allegation of assault and battery in Massachusetts is actually grounded in fact. This is why prosecutors must present enough evidence to demonstrate that a person accused of committing this type of crime is actually guilty. Each person who is accused of assault and battery has the right to fight the charges they face if they so choose. Alternatively, they may find it more beneficial to seek plea deals with authorities in order to achieve a more favorable outcome based upon the facts of their own specific cases.


Source: Arlington, MA Patch, “Amsden Street Man Arrested for Assault and Battery,” John Waller, June 20, 2013