Many Massachusetts residents who find themselves accused of some sort of criminal action may find it a confusing and emotionally trying process to endure. An allegation like robbery can often lead to serious repercussions in the event of a conviction. This makes it even more important for those who may not be used to the criminal justice system to fully research all of their rights and obligations when it comes to preparing a criminal defense.

One Massachusetts man recently found himself the subject of a police investigation after authorities alleged that he committed a bank robbery in Medford. According to officials, the man entered a bank while wearing a mask to conceal his face and handed over a note to one of the tellers. The note purportedly warned that the suspect was carrying a weapon and that money should be handed over to him.

At that point, the man apparently left the scene; although an observant bystander is apparently credited with writing down the license plate number of the vehicle that the suspect drove away in. Massachusetts State Police were ultimately able to track down the accused individual thanks to that tip. Interestingly, the man is being charged with armed robbery due to the fact that his note claimed he had a weapon, even though he never flashed a gun at the scene and authorities did not recover one later.

The 26-year-old man is now being accused of committing an armed robbery while wearing a mask over his face. This is a serious accusation and could result in jail time and significant financial penalties. For this reason, it is important that the man understand the charges and potential sentences that could result. In some cases like this, an accused person may wish to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors to increase the chance of a more favorable outcome. Whether this is the right choice will depend upon the facts of a specific case.

Source: Wicked Local Malden, “Malden man charged with bank robbery,” Nathan Lamb, May 9, 2013