Whenever average Massachusetts citizens find themselves facing criminal charges, the entire legal process can seem scary and intimidating. The truth is, however, that those who educate themselves on the criminal charges they face along with potential penalties sometimes find it a less stressful situation to deal with. Knowledge often feels like power. Understanding both the extent of allegations along with possible sentences can make an accused individual feel more certain as they prepare a criminal defense against such charges.

Two Massachusetts parents are now facing charges that they embezzled at least $30,000 from their local school’s PTA. The alleged embezzlement apparently occurred over a four-year time frame, which may be one reason why it took so long for officials to act in this case. Police and school officials recently announced the news of the criminal charges which are being leveled to other parents.

That meeting had a large turnout of no fewer than 130 people, who turned out to learn more about the investigation into the purported embezzlement. The two parents who are at the heart of this case will reportedly be charged with larceny. They are expected to be arraigned sometime in late May, although it is not yet clear who they are or whether they are connected to each other in any way other than the PTA. The school district asked that other parents have faith in the administration’s desire to be open about the investigation.

Of course, just because an investigation is now ongoing doesn’t mean that the two parents facing criminal charges have actually committed any wrongdoing. It will now be up to prosecutors to present enough evidence at trial to prove the parents guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Failing to do so means that a conviction will not be obtained and these Massachusetts residents will be free to move on with their lives once more.

Source: EnterpriseNews.com, “Two PTA parents face embezzling charges in Middleboro,” Alex Bloom, April 29, 2013