Being charged with drunk driving can often lead to financial penalties, loss of reputation in a community and even jail time in the event that authorities obtain a conviction. This means that most people choose to either vigorously fight such drunk driving charges or negotiate some sort of plea deal with prosecutors. One Massachusetts woman may well be facing this choice after authorities accused her of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence.

Police officials pulled the 49-year-old woman over in Braintree, Massachusetts after another motorist complained that she was weaving over the road and had run at least two red lights. When officials conducted their traffic stop, they reported that the woman acted visibly intoxicated. They asked her to perform some sobriety tests and maintained that she failed them.

The Massachusetts authorities then took the woman into custody and hit her with charges of driving under the influence of drugs, failing to observe a stop light and failing to remain inside properly marked lanes. Additionally, police officers arrested the woman’s 18-year-old passenger. They charged the man with drug possession when he failed to show them a valid prescription for the six Alprazolam pills he allegedly attempted to conceal during the traffic stop.

In the wake of these drunk driving and drug possession charges, both defendants will likely need to decide how to proceed in defending themselves against the allegations. While some individuals wish to present a strong defense against this type of charges, others decide that a plea deal may be more appropriate. Some plea agreements can lead to reduced charges and lesser sentences. Each person accused of drunk driving will need to decide what is most appropriate based upon the facts of an individual case, since no one approach will fit all situations.

Source: Braintree, MA Patch, “Passenger Hit With Prescription Drug Charge in Drunk Driving Arrest,” Joseph Markman, April 16, 2013