A Massachusetts chemist working for a state crime lab is facing theft charges in relation to drugs that were allegedly stolen from the lab. Officials have charged the woman with several criminal charges involving theft, along with tampering with evidence and drug possession charges. This case does not have any known connection to the accusations that a Boston lab worker falsified test results.

In the more recent case, the Massachusetts Attorney General announced that the chemist had been indicted on the various charges related to the theft allegations. Authorities maintain that they discovered proof that the woman had stored what appeared to be cocaine at her work station and even in her car. According to them, she also attempted to cover for the missing drugs by mixing counterfeit drugs with some of the drug evidence. In two other cases, the drugs simply disappeared.

These new charges have apparently been added to other charges that the woman already pleaded not guilty to back in January. Those earlier counts included drug possession along with evidence tampering. Initial reports did not indicate just what possible penalties the chemist could be facing in the event of a conviction on the charges.

In light of the criminal charges that this woman has been accused of, she may wish to carefully research her options under the law. When Massachusetts residents find themselves facing such allegations, they typically have the right to negotiate a plea deal with authorities, or to prepare a vigorous defense as they fight the charges. Regardless of the choice they ultimately make, in the meantime they are guaranteed the presumption of innocence while a case like this is ongoing.

Source: PatriotLedger.com, “Amherst lab chemist faces new drug theft charges,” April 1, 2013