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April 2013 Archives

Man accused of rape, assault and battery at Massachusetts camp

Most Massachusetts assault and battery cases seem fairly straightforward and timely. Recently, however, an arrest was made in a molestation and assault and battery case that took place at a Massachusetts summer camp 30 years earlier. A man who formerly worked as a counselor at Camp Good News has now been arrested and charged with raping a child, along with indecent assault and battery and a slew of other allegations.

Massachusetts woman accused of running red lights, drunk driving

Being charged with drunk driving can often lead to financial penalties, loss of reputation in a community and even jail time in the event that authorities obtain a conviction. This means that most people choose to either vigorously fight such drunk driving charges or negotiate some sort of plea deal with prosecutors. One Massachusetts woman may well be facing this choice after authorities accused her of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence.

Laundry owner now facing natural gas theft crimes charges

Many people who find themselves facing theft charges are accused of stealing some kind of tangible product like a car or clothing, or even cash or electronic funds from a bank account. One recent Massachusetts theft crimes case actually involves allegations that the owner of a chain of automated Laundromats stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of natural gas from his utility company. Allegations such as these could result in stiff penalties if a conviction should be handed down.

Massachusetts state crime lab chemist facing criminal charges

A Massachusetts chemist working for a state crime lab is facing theft charges in relation to drugs that were allegedly stolen from the lab. Officials have charged the woman with several criminal charges involving theft, along with tampering with evidence and drug possession charges. This case does not have any known connection to the accusations that a Boston lab worker falsified test results.

7 people facing Massachusetts drug charges after raids

Massachusetts police recently announced that they had arrested seven individuals in connection with an alleged drug trafficking ring. They leveled various drug charges against the individuals, in addition to several weapons offense violations. In cases like this, accused individuals must often decide whether to fight the charges made against them, or to attempt to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors that could potential result in a more favorable outcome for them.

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