Whenever alcohol is involved in an alleged assault and battery, it can make it even more difficult for the police to discover the truth of an incident. This may be the case for Massachusetts police officers who are investigating an assault and battery that purportedly occurred during a domestic dispute. A potentially problematic factor in this case is that the victim appeared visibly intoxicated at the time police responded to the altercation. Police indicated that this made their fact-gathering duties more troublesome.

The initial report regarding the domestic dispute came in sometime early in the morning of Feb. 23. They arrived upon the scene to find a female victim who described the man alleged to have committed an assault and battery on her. Police reportedly decided that the suspect was someone they had dealt with in the past and were able to track him down not too far away.

Reports indicate that the fight started out as a verbal argument and then became physical in nature. The man was taken into custody after police discovered about a block away from the apartment where the incident occurred. He was booked on allegations of assault and battery along with malicious destruction of property.

No further details were immediately available regarding this alleged assault and battery. Just because the accused individual may have had reported run-ins with the police in the past, however, doesn’t mean that he will automatically be found guilty of the new set of charges. Massachusetts prosecutors must prove each set of charges beyond a reasonable doubt and based upon evidence in the specific case at hand. This is why individuals are guaranteed the presumption of innocence no matter what allegations may have been made against them in the past.

Source: Fenway-Kenmore, MA Patch, “Man Charged with Assault and Battery on Hemenway Street,” Nate Homan, Feb. 26, 2013