Massachusetts, like many other states across the nation, takes accusations of drunk driving very seriously. The penalties for violating Massachusetts drunk driving laws can lead to harsh penalties in the event of a conviction. Someone who has been convicted of multiple instances of drunk driving in the past may face an uphill legal battle if accused of a new OUI offense. This could mean that they need to fully understand the charges and potential penalties they face.

Authorities are now accusing a man from Raynham of operating a vehicle under the influence. This accusation is something that could bring a mandatory minimum sentence of two years of jail time if he is convicted of what would be his fifth OUI offense. Reports indicate that the man was convicted of four prior OUI offenses dating back to 1979, with the most recent conviction being in 1989.

The new OUI accusation came after someone placed a call to the Massachusetts state police barracks in Bourne indicating that someone was operating a motor vehicle in an erratic manner. After that, a state police trooper reported that he saw the vehicle’s operator swerving in and out of multiple lanes of traffic. He reportedly pulled the driver over and had him attempt more than one field sobriety test. The trooper alleged that the man was barely able to remain upright on his feet.

Authorities claim that the man’s blood alcohol content tested above the legal limit into out of three tests. The third blood test indicated that his alcohol content was 0.079 percent, just below the legal limit of 0.08 percent. The man was arraigned on drunk driving charges along with a marked lanes violation and must now decide whether to fight the charges or try to negotiate a plea agreement. A conviction on the charges he faces could bring him two years in jail at minimum, so it may be to his benefit to fully research his legal options.

Source:, “Repeat drunk driver arrested on suspicion of 5th offense,” Heather Wysocki, Feb. 16, 2013