Recently, a Massachusetts man was accused of committing sexual exploitation of a child in connection with purportedly inducing the child to producing pornography. The 51-year-old man was accused of these federal criminal charges after authorities accused him of engaging in an inappropriate online relationship with a child, although no details were released regarding the child’s age or gender. Reports indicate that the man came into contact with the child on a website, but then exchanged email addresses with the child.

At that point, the two apparently began some sort of relationship. Authorities claim that the man sent nude and sexually explicit pictures and videos of himself to the child. They further allege that he asked the child to send him nude and sexually explicit photos and videos as well.

Initial reports did not indicate why the man may have originally come under suspicion. They do state that the investigation into these alleged activities came about as a joint effort by law enforcement and other officials to protect children from alleged exploitation and abuse. Specifically, this case became tied to an imitative called Project Safe Childhood, intended to connect law enforcement agencies to work together to better locate and prosecute those who have allegedly engaged in such exploitation.

If the Massachusetts man facing these specific criminal charges of sexual exploitation of a child is convicted, he could receive as much as 30 years in prison, to be followed by five years of supervised release. While these charges are serious in nature, each accused individual is guaranteed the right to be presumed innocent of all allegations. Federal prosecutors shoulder the burden of proving a person’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt through the presentation of competent evidence at trial. Failing that, a criminal conviction cannot be obtained absent a plea agreement between the parties.

Source:, “Sayreville man facing sexual exploitation charges in Massachusetts,” March 12, 2013