Being pursued by police and charged with a crime may cause an individual’s fight-or-flight reflex to activate. Unfortunately, that often leads to more troubles than might have originally been encountered. For one Massachusetts man who was already being pursued by police, the resulting chase netted him additional assault and battery and traffic-related charges, which have the potential to further damage his future.

Police say they were investigating a domestic violence report when they discovered the 40-year-old man, already wanted on other charges. Police claim that he attempted to flee by vehicle, leading them on a chase before pulling over in a driveway and waiting for the officer pursuing him to follow. When the officer pulled in the driveway behind him, the man allegedly rammed the officer’s cruiser.

After fleeing again back onto the roadway, the man allegedly struck the same cruiser again, causing it to veer off the roadway and strike a tree. The officer sustained minor injuries in the crash. The man’s vehicle ended up hitting a utility pole, and he remains hospitalized as of the last report. He has been charged with additional charges of assault and battery, as well as several traffic-related charges in connection to allegedly striking the police cruiser.

The assault and battery charges combined with the variety of other charges that this man is facing may seem hopeless as he looks to the future. Thankfully, like anyone in Massachusetts, he remains innocent unless and until proven guilty and has the right to defend himself in court. As he recovers from his injuries, it may benefit this man to be proactive in organizing a defense strategy in an attempt to secure the most favorable outcome possible.

Source:, “Suspect allegedly rams police car during chase,” Ed Baker, Jan. 29, 2013