We have all heard the term “jail-bird” in regards to those incarcerated, but in an unusual twist, authorities in one Massachusetts locale are on the hunt for an actual bird that was purportedly stolen from a store. The man police believe stole the bird is facing serious criminal charges. The case began when a man outside the retail store allegedly asked an employee of Petco for a ride. The employee stated that the man was holding a colorful South American parrot in his hands.

Shortly thereafter, the employee allegedly noticed that the $600 bird’s cage was empty, prompting the phone call to authorities. Following the claimed theft, the man purportedly attempted to sell the parrot to various local retailers, including food establishments. The 52-year-old man was later arrested near police headquarters.

Authorities are unsure of what happened to the parrot. When the man was arrested, the bird was no longer with him. They say that the man gave them information that did not “pan out.” Authorities have not given any indication of what they believe happened to the bird. The man is facing charges of felony larceny and animal cruelty.

The information that is available in this case is somewhat limited at this time. As Massachusetts police continue to investigate this incident, the man suspected of committing this crime may find it beneficial to begin preparing a defense against the allegations. Criminal charges such as the ones that he is facing could have a significant impact on his future endeavors.

Source: berkshireeagle.com, “Arrest made in alleged parrot theft, but bird is still missing,” Andrew Amelinckx, Jan. 6, 2013