Disagreements between friends, family or roommates can lead to tension, drama and even violence. Unfortunately, when situations get out-of-hand, the consequences can be challenging for all parties involved. In many cases, determining who is right or wrong can also be difficult because there are two sides to every story. Such is the case for two Massachusetts roommates, one of which is now facing assault and battery charges after an alleged attack on the other.

According to reports, a 32-year-old man and a woman share an apartment. They became involved in an altercation after the man was said to be drinking. The woman reports that the man began to hit her face and body, and even choked her. She claims that he only released her once she fell to the ground, nearly unconscious.

The woman alleges that following the attack, the man took her phone and left the apartment, only to come back later to pack a bag and leave again. Police say the woman did show signs of bruising on her body and neck, and they later arrested the man at the apartment. Like many cases where criminal activity is alleged, there is only one side of this story that has been disclosed so far.

The man may challenge certain aspects of the woman’s story as he defends himself against the allegations. For instance, the fact that he was allowed to return to the apartment following the alleged attack may be relevant, along with the unknown detail of whether the woman was also drinking and what physical evidence supports the allegations. It is too soon following the charges of assault and battery to determine what the man’s defense position will be as the prosecution works to fulfill its burden of proof according to Massachusetts law.

Source: Wicked Local Somerville, “Somerville man charged with assault to murder after choking woman,” Dan Atkinson, Dec. 24, 2012