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January 2013 Archives

Massachusetts school administrator charged with OUI recently

A Massachusetts school administrator is facing serious charges after a recent traffic stop. According to police, the 47-year-old man was pulled over after allegedly almost hitting a police cruiser. Police assert that the man was traveling 25 miles per hour above the posted speed limit through a heavily populated area when they conducted the stop. The stop led to the man's arrest and subsequent charges, including OUI.

Massachusetts woman charged after unusual use of weapons

A Massachusetts woman is facing charges in an unusual case involving a jackhammer, a police officer and a glass bottle. This case is proof that use of weapons can involve more than guns or knives. According to reports, a construction crew was working near the woman's home and began using a jackhammer around 8:25 a.m., which began the drama.

Massachusetts man faces criminal charges for alleged stolen bird

We have all heard the term "jail-bird" in regards to those incarcerated, but in an unusual twist, authorities in one Massachusetts locale are on the hunt for an actual bird that was purportedly stolen from a store. The man police believe stole the bird is facing serious criminal charges. The case began when a man outside the retail store allegedly asked an employee of Petco for a ride. The employee stated that the man was holding a colorful South American parrot in his hands.

Massachusetts woman facing drug charges loses children

When times are desperate, people can be persuaded to make poor decisions. Unfortunately, these decisions may have life altering consequences. For one Massachusetts woman now facing drug charges, the consequences of her alleged actions may be devastating to her entire family.

Massachusetts man faces assault and battery after roommate fight

Disagreements between friends, family or roommates can lead to tension, drama and even violence. Unfortunately, when situations get out-of-hand, the consequences can be challenging for all parties involved. In many cases, determining who is right or wrong can also be difficult because there are two sides to every story. Such is the case for two Massachusetts roommates, one of which is now facing assault and battery charges after an alleged attack on the other.

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