It is important to understand and respect an individual’s rights when they are facing assault or battery criminal charges, no matter how serious the offense. In some cases, charges of assault can come before evidence is appropriately gathered and witnesses have been properly interviewed, meaning a person may find themselves accused of a terrible crime before all the necessary facts are known. Those involved in the criminal justice system must proceed with patience and care to ensure the rights of the accused are protected.

One Massachusetts man is facing serious charges this month following his arrest for assault and battery against his 83-year-old mother. The details of the alleged assault remain unclear at this time as an investigation continues.

The elderly woman was taken to the University of Massachusetts Memorial Hospital following a report that she was allegedly being abused by an unknown source. The details of the report could play an important role in the defense of this man and in clarifying exactly how the injuries were sustained. Elderly abuse is a very serious crime and if the case goes to trial, a conviction for assault and battery can hold years of consequences.

The public generally has a strong negative opinion of assault and battery charges, especially against women. For this reason, it is especially important that those accused of such crimes speak to a criminal defense attorney who can protect their rights in the courtroom. Bias against those accused of serious crimes can strongly affect the thinking of those involved in the criminal justice process; proper representation can ensure that accused individuals receive a fair and just trial.

Source:, “Mass. man held after allegedly beating mother,” Nov. 27, 2012