A young husband and wife team have recently been indicted on several charges in connection to their alleged involvement in a string of thefts. The couple, ages 23 and 24, are facing serious criminal charges including armed robbery and assault. The charges have come following a string of thefts from Dunkin’ Donuts in two Massachusetts locations.

It is alleged that the husband entered the donut shops and threatened the employees with a syringe of blood that he claimed was HIV positive. Allegedly, he would threaten to stab the employees if they did not hand over the business’s cash. The wife is alleged to be the getaway driver who waited outside the store for her husband to return.

An employee of one of the donut shops alleges that the husband is a former employee and identified him as the perpetrator in the theft. Reports also indicate that the husband later admitted to the crimes, stating that he and his wife are addicted to heroin and needed the money for their addiction. Both individuals are facing an assortment of charges and indictments in connection to their alleged thefts and drug abuse.

This couple may be facing a difficult road ahead as they confront the criminal charges against them. Like anyone in Massachusetts, they have the right to challenge the evidence and tell their side of the story, if they choose to do so. Moreover, the burden of proof rests solely with the government, which must establish the elements of the purported crimes by competent evidence in court. Failing that, no conviction can be obtained. Every criminal case is different and requires a unique blend of experience and knowledge in order to achieve the best outcome possible.

Source: Milford Daily News, “Couple indicted on robbery charges,” Matt Tota, Dec. 19, 2012