When two or more individuals are alleged to have conspired to commit a criminal offense, this may not only lead to a criminal charge on the actual offense, but also to a conspiracy charge. If a conviction is ultimately obtained, this can tack on further penalties. Massachusetts police have alleged that four individuals conspired together to rob an elderly man. The four now face criminal charges, as well as a conspiracy charge, although police have not identified what each individual’s role was in the theft at this time.

Police say the four concocted a plot to befriend an elderly man and rob him. At least one individual is alleged to have distracted the man, while at least one other individual is said to have gone into the man’s bedroom to steal jewelry. Police claim that the four later sold the jewelry at an area store.

As a result their investigation, a 19-year-old man and woman and two other males, ages 24 and 20, were arrested. Police suspect that the individuals may have been involved in other thefts in the area and have asked for the public’s assistance in gathering more evidence. A court date for the four individuals has not been released.

At this stage in the criminal process, very few details have been released regarding each individual’s purported responsibility concerning the criminal charges. It is likely that more information will be forthcoming when the case makes its way before a Massachusetts judge. However, this evidence may also reveal that some of the defendants did not have knowledge of the thefts being carried out, which could result in them securing a dismissal if the state cannot otherwise meet its heavy burden of proof as to each defendant. Nevertheless, in view of the severe consequences a conviction could bring, all accused individuals may benefit from focusing on the specifics of the accusations against them while fighting to ensure their rights are fully protected.

Source: Wrentham, MA Patch, “Wrentham Police Arrest Four Connected to Larceny Investigation,” Daniel Libon, Nov. 12, 2012