A Massachusetts man has been issued several criminal charges for his involved in a three-vehicle accident late last month. The man was driving a Chrysler Town and Country when the accident occurred as he tried to negotiate a late exit from the Turnpike at the Interstate 84 exit. His minivan swerved in front of a tractor-trailer which caused a collision as the truck pushed the minivan into a Volkswagen Tiguan, forcing it into a guardrail. In the aftermath of the accident, Troopers issued the driver of the minivan a DUI and other traffic violations.

Authorities appear to believe that the man was drunk while driving, and that it was his actions that caused the accident. Massachusetts police allegedly sighted empty beer cans in the center console along with several unopened ones in the passenger floor board. In the rear of the minivan were his two daughters, ages 8 and 6.

Thankfully no one was reported injured during the accident. His daughters were fortunately not harmed in the impact. The man was charged with his second offense of drunken driving, child endangerment while drunk driving, negligent driving and a lane violation. Each of these charges has serious consequences if not properly defended.

This man could be facing jail time, suspension of his license and additional repercussions for the child endangerment charge. He will have the right under Massachusetts law to confront his accusers in court and to challenge each charge raised against him. With a proper DUI defense, he will have the opportunity to test the admission of each piece of evidence and to present his case to a fair and unbiased jury.

Source: telegram.com, “Father charged with DUI in crash on Mass Pike,” Craig S. Semon, Oct. 25, 2012