A very well-respected and successful Massachusetts emergency room doctor has been in an accident recently which unfortunately sent another man to the hospital. The 56-year-old, 2009 Doctor of the Year left a Whole Foods parking lot; allegedly under the influence of prescription medications believed to have been written personally. It is unclear at this time if any blood samples were taken or field tests performed to determine this supposed impairment. This doctor has pleaded not guilty to the drug charges filed against her.

The man who was struck was taken to the hospital that the doctor works for with non life-threatening injuries. When police officers arrived on the scene, the woman was wearing scrubs and informed the officers she was on her way to the hospital. Her attorney described her character as one of saving lives and focused on the accolades surrounding her awards and professional conduct.

Following the initial court appearance, she has been released on personal recognizance and will be returning to court in early January to determine the next course of action. The man, however, has stated that he holds no grudge and understands the pressure that emergency room doctors must go through while saving lives daily. Reports indicate that he is healing from the accident and is expected to make a full recovery.

On the other hand, though, the state can still decide to press drug charges against this beloved doctor. She will still require professional representation to navigate the many options available to her as the legal process continues. The Massachusetts prosecution in this case will carry the burden of proof in any trial attempting to show that the doctor was actually impaired at the time of the accident.

Source: ABC News, “‘Doctor of the Year’ Arrested on DUI Charges After Crash,” Erin Mclaughlin, Nov. 14, 2012