An alleged assault at a Massachusetts bowling alley has resulted in criminal charges against three men. Police were reportedly alerted to an assault and battery altercation in the parking lot of the Acton Bowladrome Arcade And Restaurant one night in May shortly before 9 p.m. They found a man in the lot who had been stabbed, and witnesses apparently told police of three suspects who had allegedly tried to run over the man in a pickup truck after the stabbing. The men who police have identified as the assailants reportedly fled eastbound on Massachusetts Avenue following the incident. No information was available concerning the condition of the person stabbed, and it is not known if he was hospitalized following the incident.

Police issued arrest warrants for two local men, ages 23 and 21, and the pair voluntarily turned themselves in the following day. A little more than a week later, a third arrest warrant was issued for a 23-year-old Boston resident, and he also surrendered voluntarily. No information concerning bail conditions or upcoming court dates was provided.

The three accused men have now been indicted by a Massachusetts grand jury. Each is accused of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon that caused serious bodily injury, as well as armed assault with intent to murder. The 21-year-old man was also accused of another charge of assault with a dangerous weapon (the pickup truck).

As this assault and battery case now heads to a Massachusetts criminal courtroom, the three accused men will have to tread carefully. If a conviction is achieved on all of the charges, each man could be looking at a substantial term of imprisonment, among other potential penalties. The potentially severe consequences each faces mandates that a criminal defense is forged for each accused person that protects their individual rights while seeking the best possible result.

Source:, “Acton police: three indicted in alleged stabbing, assault,” Nov. 16, 2012