When a Massachusetts resident chooses to drink and drive, the consequences can be life-altering and linger for years to come. Those charged with OUI (operating under the influence) can face very severe penalties, even in the absence of injury or damage. In once Massachusetts case, a Rockland woman was charged with OUI when she wasn’t even driving the vehicle she was discovered in.

The woman was arrested in Hingham in the early morning hours when a police officer found her sleeping in her car. According to police reports her car was stopped in the right-side lane and the car was in park. The reports do not indicate if any alcohol was found in her possession inside the vehicle, yet field sobriety tests suggest she was intoxicated at the time.

The first officer on the scene reported that he knocked on the window and roof to gain the attention of the woman in the driver seat. As another officer arrived to assist, she was taken from the car and reportedly displayed signs of intoxication. It is unclear why the woman was stopped in the travel lane of the road.

Driving under the influence in Massachusetts can lead to heavy fines and lasting legal repercussions. Penalties can range from time spent in prison or probation to restriction of a person’s driver’s license. Sometimes an individual’s defense may seek a more favorable outcome through a plea bargain or arrangement for rehabilitation instead of jail time. Having a strong counsel to assess the OUI charge and face each charge individually may allow for a better outcome.

Source: wickedlocal.com, “HINGHAM POLICE: Rockland woman arrested for OUI,” Oct. 05, 2012