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October 2012 Archives

Massachusetts woman found asleep in her car now faces OUI charge

When a Massachusetts resident chooses to drink and drive, the consequences can be life-altering and linger for years to come. Those charged with OUI (operating under the influence) can face very severe penalties, even in the absence of injury or damage. In once Massachusetts case, a Rockland woman was charged with OUI when she wasn't even driving the vehicle she was discovered in.

Massachusetts crime lab mishap topples more drug charges

As the story concerning the misconduct of a Massachusetts chemist unfolds, more and more men and women convicted of drug related charges are being reexamined to determine if their evidence samples were among those affected. We just reported on the growing scandal on Oct. 2 (Massachusetts crime lab negligence: drug charges plea reversed). Three men in a Worcester County case may see changes in their sentences for drug charges as defense lawyers begin to file motions that client's sentences be stayed and seek their release. The mishandling of over 60,000 drug samples may have led to inaccurate results and false convictions in these and other convictions.

Massachusetts trooper charged with second OUI and open container

Massachusetts State Police hold their officers to very high standards, both while on and off duty. Unfortunately, they are subject to making the same mistakes that civilians are, as one trooper has discovered. Following an alleged night of drinking, the trooper was relieved of duty recently after charges of OUI and having an open container in his vehicle.

Massachusetts crime lab negligence: drug charges plea reversed

The recent suspicion of tampering in a Massachusetts crime lab was expected to raise concerns about a large number of specimens reviewed and the criminal convictions that followed. Due to the seriousness of the evidence potentially being mishandled, there have been cases reopened and reevaluated for mistakes. Recently, one man walked out of a Massachusetts court room a free man after serving three months of a two and a half year sentence on drug charges.

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