Massachusetts state troopers have been out in force looking for anyone acting under suspicion of driving under the influence. Over the recent Labor Day weekend, troopers reported nearly a dozen people were arrested with alleged OUI or DUI. The current levels of law enforcement will reportedly be in action through the month of September. While the boost in coverage is in motion, it is important that authorities maintain diligence to not impose invalid charges in haste simply due to circumstantial appearances.

One Massachusetts man from Dartmouth was arrested for his sixth charge of OUI over Labor Day weekend. In situations such as this, there may be options available of more favorable outcomes pending the alleged charges. After repeated interactions with law enforcement, there may be defense options to fight the charges in order to minimize the lasting effects on permanent records.

It is important that for anyone arrested for OUI charges that a defense begins immediately, to combat each charge and to attempt to hold the prosecution to its difficult burden of proof. There may be margins of error present in every interaction with law enforcement. Proper procedures must be followed when police are investigating a supposed intoxication.

Clearly, Massachusetts residents should act responsibly when on the road. It is the responsibility of law enforcement to protect residents, but also to act impartially and professionally in each individual situation. Reading of Miranda rights, proper calibration of testing equipment and other aspects of law enforcement procedure must be followed or risk a legal challenge. There is a substantial difference between being accused of an OUI or DUI charge and actually being convicted of one. Every accused individual in our state is entitled to a fair and impartial hearing as they fight to protect their rights.

Source:, “Dartmouth man charged with 6th OUI, 10 arrested on weekend,” Bill Tomison, Sept. 4, 2012