Following a strange and somewhat confusing course of events recently, four men may be facing criminal charges in Medford, Massachusetts. On a recent evening, an officer arrived on the scene of what appears to be an assault and battery incident, involving four men, one woman, and a weed whacker. One man allegedly attacked the woman with the weed whacker and then was chased down the street by three other men, where police found them all standing in the middle of an intersection, the one man bloody and beaten.

The situation began at a shared property fence line when the alleged weed whacker assailant was trimming weeds along the fence. The neighboring couple was looking upon their garden which bordered the fence when they reportedly asked the man to cease his trimming for a moment while they were standing there. One reported version claims this man became angry and started swinging the weed whacker, striking the female neighbor on the hand and arm causing injuries, which led to the first assault and battery charge.

Another reported version asserts that one of the neighbors threw a bottle at the man working in his yard which caused him to lose his balance and control of the weed whacker. The man claims it was an accident if anyone was struck as he struggled to regain control of the weed whacker. The person accused of throwing the beer bottle did admit to throwing it, though he claims it was an attempt to stop the assault upon the woman.

After the alleged attack on the woman, three men say they approached the claimed assailant to keep him from fleeing the site of the incident. They say they had to physically defend themselves, resulting in the bloody scene found by officials. Assault and battery charges will be sought against all four men involved, according to Massachusetts police records. The weed whacker was taken as evidence. Clearly, each accused individual will need to focus on the charges pertaining to them as they fight to clear their names in any upcoming criminal proceedings.

Source:, “Medford man arrested for assaulting neighbor with weed whacker,” Auditi Guha, Sept. 13, 2012