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Disturbance led to alleged DUI for Massachusetts woman

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2012 | Drunk Driving

A Massachusetts driver was recently arrested in an incident with unusual circumstances. The driver, a 22-year-old woman, is now facing DUI charges. A conviction for drunk driving can have serious repercussions on an individual’s life, including loss of one’s driving privilege, increased cost of insurance, and difficulties finding gainful employment, not to mention jail time and high fines. Anyone charged with such an offense would be wise to investigate all of their options as they move through the legal system.

In regard to this arrest, initial reports state that police were called to a home where to investigate a report from a resident. The resident claims that a woman was at the front door and refused to leave. When police arrived at the residence, there was a car parked on the road with the hazard lights turned on.

When police pulled up to the scene, the driver allegedly drove away. The car was pulled over shortly thereafter on a nearby street. After being pulled over, an officer reportedly smelled alcohol on the driver’s breath. Field sobriety tests were performed; however reports do not indicate the nature or result of those tests. The woman was arrested and has now been charged with DUI.

At this time there is little information about the events leading up to the arrest. All that is known is that she was observed driving away from a parked location. The lack of information into the field sobriety tests, as well as a lack of information about a breathalyzer or blood test result, suggests that this young driver may be able to challenge the charges against her. In addition, there is no mention of the reason that the officer stopped the driver.

DUI charges in Massachusetts carry steep fines as well as potential jail time, probation, and associated fees. In cases such as this one where the actions of police officers may be questionable, it may benefit this driver to seek comprehensive knowledge of her rights. Every detail of the incident and following investigation may be questioned as she seeks to defend herself against these allegations.

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