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September 2012 Archives

Massachusetts assault and battery charges following yard work

Following a strange and somewhat confusing course of events recently, four men may be facing criminal charges in Medford, Massachusetts. On a recent evening, an officer arrived on the scene of what appears to be an assault and battery incident, involving four men, one woman, and a weed whacker. One man allegedly attacked the woman with the weed whacker and then was chased down the street by three other men, where police found them all standing in the middle of an intersection, the one man bloody and beaten.

Massachusetts cases involving drug charges may get reevaluation

In Massachusetts when someone is charged with drug possession or trafficking, the consequences can be severe if a criminal conviction is ultimately obtained. Time in prison lost from family and friends, or fines may be just a few of the penalties paid. When one is arrested for drug charges, the samples taken from an investigation are sent to secure locations for analysis by trained professionals. These persons are determined to identify the substance though proven methods. What happens, then, when someone is convicted of a crime, only to find out the evidence may have been mishandled by these crime labs?

Massachusetts officers pledge to seek out potential OUI in force

Massachusetts state troopers have been out in force looking for anyone acting under suspicion of driving under the influence. Over the recent Labor Day weekend, troopers reported nearly a dozen people were arrested with alleged OUI or DUI. The current levels of law enforcement will reportedly be in action through the month of September. While the boost in coverage is in motion, it is important that authorities maintain diligence to not impose invalid charges in haste simply due to circumstantial appearances.

Disturbance led to alleged DUI for Massachusetts woman

A Massachusetts driver was recently arrested in an incident with unusual circumstances. The driver, a 22-year-old woman, is now facing DUI charges. A conviction for drunk driving can have serious repercussions on an individual's life, including loss of one's driving privilege, increased cost of insurance, and difficulties finding gainful employment, not to mention jail time and high fines. Anyone charged with such an offense would be wise to investigate all of their options as they move through the legal system.

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