A man has been arrested by police and charged for his role in an alleged carjacking. According to Massachusetts police, the assault and battery charges stem from the man approaching a 17-year-old girl who was in her vehicle at a drug store parking lot. The man is alleged to have threatened the girl with a bloody syringe.

Police say that the man told the girl that if she did not exit the vehicle that he would stab her with the syringe. The girl exited the vehicle, and the man is alleged to have fled in the car. Police arrested the man the next day.

The man was arraigned on the charges the day after his arrest. Court documents show that he has been charged with a number of crimes, including assault with a dangerous weapon and attempted murder. The court ordered that the man be held without bail. A formal plea to the charges was not entered, and there was no immediate word on future court dates.

Understandably, assault and battery charges are taken very seriously in the Massachusetts criminal justice system. In these cases, defendants are often subjected to long sentences of incarceration if the evidence presented results in a conviction. In such cases, a defendant may benefit from receiving advice as to what defenses may be available to them, depending on the evidence that is available to support such a claim. These defenses can make a substantial difference in how the case is handled and may prove to be the determining factor in a finding of not guilty or other favorable conclusion to the criminal proceedings.

Source: boston.com, “Homeless man held on carjacking, assault charges,” Sarah N. Mattero, Aug. 17, 2012