Massachusetts law pays especially tight attention to those charged with driving while intoxicated. There are certain legal procedures that must be applied whether you are charged with a first offense or felony OUI charges. Laws governing these different allegations vary and are required to be handled independently and precisely, depending on the number of offenses and specific elements involved in the actual charges.

After leaving a restaurant recently, a 49-year-old Burlington man was arrested on charges of operating under the influence (OUI). Called in by an employee of the restaurant, police charged the accused with several offenses after stopping him as he was driving his moped. Charges include OUI, negligent operation, operating with a suspended license for drunk driving and operating after license has been revoked.

This same individual allegedly registered a 0.26 on a blood-alcohol test last year in connection with a fatal pedestrian collision which led to an indictment in Middlesex Superior Court. In consequence to this indictment, several conditions were in place for the accused. A cash bail was set that included restrictions on driving and the use of alcohol.

Facing OUI charges in Massachusetts can limit the options available if not handled correctly from the very beginning. The lasting effects can be devastating, resulting in fines, imprisonment and probation. This is why an appropriate defense begins at the scene of the accusation. Was there sufficient cause for the arrest and subsequent charges and were proper procedures followed in the administration of any field sobriety or blood-alcohol testing? It is imperative that every aspect surrounding the circumstances of the arrest be dissected and evaluated to ensure that the legal rights of the accused person are fully protected while fighting for the best result.

Source: Tewksbury Patch, “Man Arrested On OUI Charge Previously Indicted On Vehicular Homicide Charge,” Richard Hosford, Aug. 7, 2012