A woman was charged with drunk driving after allegedly picking up her children from daycare while drunk. The Massachusetts woman, a director of special education at a local school district, was later put on administrative leave following the incident. In addition to the drunk driving charges, she is also facing several other charges including child endangerment.

The woman picked up her two children, ages 5 and 7, and put them into her vehicle, intending to drive them home. She already had turned the ignition on and was preparing to leave when she was stopped. The daycare provider determined she was allegedly too impaired to drive and prevented her from leaving with her children.

The police were called to the scene and the woman was arrested. Police claim the woman’s eyes were glassy, her speech was slow and her breath smelled of alcohol. The woman allegedly told police that she had consumed a glass of wine earlier. Police also stated the woman allegedly ran into several mailboxes with her vehicle while she was on her way to the daycare provider.

It is unclear whether the woman was given any sobriety tests or a Breathalyzer test. Due to the drunk driving charges and because children were involved, the woman is likely facing an uphill legal battle. However, she is still innocent until proven guilty and will have the opportunity to address these charges once she is in a Massachusetts court. In addition to this, she also will have to deal with her employment, which has the potential to be detrimentally affected if she is convicted on any of these charges.

Source: whdh.com, “Daycare stops allegedly drunk mom from driving,” Linda Ergas, July 2, 2012