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3 men face charges in Middlesex County after alleged drug sale

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2012 | Drug Charges

Drug charges carry stiff penalties in Massachusetts, which three men in Cambridge may soon find out if they are convicted of the accusations against them. The men are now facing drug charges that are the result of detectives allegedly witnessing a drug transaction on the street. The three men were reportedly involved in the sale of prescription drugs in Middlesex County.

There were detectives present in the Central Square area on an undercover patrol. During their surveillance, they reportedly spotted two men who had walked away from a group of about 10 individuals. Police followed the men as they met a third man and walked together to a nearby public library.

Police claim one of the men, 24, took a prescription bottle from his pocket and accept money from a 27-year-old man for several pills. The older man then gave those pills to the third man, a 25-year-old, police claim.

All three men were arrested. Two were charged with distribution of a Class E substance, conspiracy to violate drug laws and violating drug laws within a school zone. The third individual was charged with possession of a Class E substance possession and conspiracy to violate drug laws.

All three of these men are facing drug charges that could change their lives forever. While they are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, they have a lot at stake, and if convicted, could face time in prison, hefty fines and difficulty finding future employment. Because of the consequences, these three men, and any person in Massachusetts that is facing drug charges, would do well to ensure that their rights are fully protected under state law as they seek a favorable ruling in their particular case.

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