Drug charges can carry significant penalties for those who are convicted. Recently, two Massachusetts men were arrested on drug charges after being stopped along Route 6 on Cape Cod just before midnight on a Saturday in June. The pair allegedly was found with approximately 300 prescription pills in their possession, according to police.

Police say the two men, both in their 20s, were charged with drug trafficking. Police say they believe the seized pills are Percocet, though there was no indication as to precisely where the pills were said to have been found. The accused men, both residents of Wellfleet, were scheduled to appear in Orleans District Court for an arraignment the following week.

The drug arrest was apparently the result of an investigation by the police in Wellfleet, Eastham, and Truro, as well as the Massachusetts State Police. According to reports, police were investigating the men in relation to Percocet dealing, though no information regarding the reasons for initially suspecting the individuals was given. The confiscated pills were claimed to be worth an estimated $12,000.

The men will now face these allegations in court. It was not announced if other charges were contemplated against the pair, but if convicted of the crime alleged, the men could face incarceration and other substantial penalties. Being arrested on criminal charges is certainly a difficult situation for anyone involved and can be the cause of concern and anxiety. Those who are facing serious criminal charges such as drug charges will understandably need to focus their attention on the task at hand to both ensure their legal rights are fully protected and to fight for an acquittal or other favorable result to all criminal proceedings.

Source: Boston.com, “2 Cape Cod men facing drug charges,” June 4, 2012