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DUI: Obama’s uncle gets driver’s license restored

On Behalf of | May 30, 2012 | Drunk Driving

Drunk driving can have serious consequences. President Obama’s uncle recently got his Massachusetts driver’s license back after a 45-day suspension due to an alleged DUI. The incident occurred in Framingham, a suburb of Boston. The uncle had been driving when he allegedly made a sudden right turn and almost hit a police vehicle.

He was pulled over immediately. He denied being drunk but he did later admit to having had two beers. After an alcohol test, he was found to have a 0.14 percent alcohol level. The legal limit in Massachusetts is 0.08, meaning that — if the test results were valid — he was legally over the limit. He was arrested for operating under the influence.

In March the man was ordered by the court to surrender his driver’s license for 45 days under the terms of a plea agreement. During the period of his license suspension, he was able to drive during specific hours as part of a hardship license that he was granted. The hardship restriction has now been lifted and as of May 15, he has his full driver’s license back.

Massachusetts residents need to take action quickly if they are stopped for DUI. The law requires that you request a hearing to determine if you can keep your license until the case is resolved. In this instance, the man was able to get a restricted license so he could continue to drive to and from work.

Unfortunately, the case brought to light another situation that involves his immigrant status, which has prompted Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to seek his deportation. While it remains to be seen how that issue will be resolved, it is fair to say that a few beers and a sudden right turn ended up causing the President’s uncle a whole heap of legal troubles.

Source: my fox, “Obamas uncle gets drivers license back after drunk-driving bust,” May 15, 2012