On April 16, a 40-year old Massachusetts man from Foxboro was detained in police custody and was scheduled for a formal court hearing to have his charges heard in front of a judge on Tuesday, April 17. The man was officially informed of pending criminal charges that he allegedly threatened the life of a local selectman.

The events purportedly happened on the afternoon of April 15 when the Foxboro man supposedly approached the selectman and subsequently said that if the politician failed to modify his vote against a casino, the selectman was “a dead man.”

The accused man was said to park in the selectman’s driveway on April 15, saying he wanted to chat about the proposed casino. The selectman’s family was celebrating one of their children’s birthday, and he claims he told the man he did not want to talk about this topic there. The selectman apparently then drove to the house of the accused man and parked across the street from the house. It was there that the alleged was said to have been made, and police arrested the man on April 16 in connection with the criminal charges.

Even though the accusations are potentially serious, the individual detained is fully entitled to a number of legal rights, including the presumption that he is innocent of the criminal charges now pending. Additionally, he has the right to remain silent, leaving the burden of proving the allegations squarely on the shoulder of the prosecution. As the case makes its way through the Massachusetts criminal justice system, the accused individual would likely benefit from focusing on the specifics of each accusation as he fights for a favorable and fair resolution of all pending matters.

Source: The Sun Chronicle Online, “Casino backer faces charges,” Frank Mortimer, April 17, 2012