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April 2012 Archives

Massachusetts resident arrested on criminal charges

On April 16, a 40-year old Massachusetts man from Foxboro was detained in police custody and was scheduled for a formal court hearing to have his charges heard in front of a judge on Tuesday, April 17. The man was officially informed of pending criminal charges that he allegedly threatened the life of a local selectman.

Massachusetts police officer facing criminal charges

Obviously, a Massachusetts police officer is charged with enforcing the law. When an officer is himself accused of a crime, the experience may be substantially more embarrassing simply because of his position of trust. But that does not mean he is guilty, and a police officer accused of a crime is entitled to the same presumption of innocence that protects us all.

Former Massachusetts public official facing criminal charges

Any person in Massachusetts that is indicted for a crime faces serious circumstances that may put financial and personal strain on oneself. Learning that your life may change forever due to an indictment for criminal charges is, in the very least, stressful. On April 2, the former Massachusetts treasurer was indicted and formally accused of utilizing $1.5 million from the state lottery's advertising budget to run advertisements benefiting his own political campaign for governor.

Two Massachusetts residents arrested on use of weapons charges

As many Massachusetts residents already know, our state law enforcement has zero tolerance for unlawful possession of firearms. In that vein, two people were recently arrested on various use of weapons charges in Avon. The charges were related to a recent shooting that allegedly occurred during an argument in the town's Wal-Mart parking lot.

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