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The factors that can affect your OUI-related license suspension

Drunk driving charges of any kind are serious, and Massachusetts drivers accused of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol could face serious penalties if convicted. However, there are certain factors that could make the stakes even higher, increasing the penalties associated with your OUI, specifically the length of the license suspension.

Report: State crime lab withheld pro-defense evidence in OUI cases

A report by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety found that the State Police Office of Alcohol Testing routinely failed to provide pro-defense information to defendants' attorneys as is required by the law and constitution.

Study: Hiring an OUI defense lawyer could actually pay for itself

Being convicted of OUI in Massachusetts can really cost you. Even a first-time OUI can mean jail time, a minimum fine of $500, the loss of your driver's license for a year, a permanent police record and more. The penalties are higher for those under 21, if you refuse the breath test, or if you are found guilty of OUI more than once.

Spanish-speaking OUI arrestee fights inaccurate rights translation

Even after the City of Methuen's Spanish translation of a rights notice was thrown out by a judge, a Spanish-speaking woman claims it is still being used to coerce arrestees. She has filed a federal class action to compel Methuen to correct its form, as it has promised to do in the past.

Seeking guidance before a hearing for a chemical test refusal

Staring down accusations for driving under the influence of alcohol can be a stressful and daunting experience. If recently involved in a traffic stop, which led to accusations of intoxication, you might have felt somewhat intimidated by the process and uncertain of what to do.

Mass. high court rules field sobriety tests inadmissible for pot

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has just ruled that some police testimony about field sobriety tests is inadmissible in cases involving suspected marijuana impairment. This is because there is no scientific certainty that the field sobriety tests used on drunk drivers yield useful information when used on drivers suspected of marijuana impairment.

Breathalyzer tests: Are they optional?

You are driving down the road minding your own business, and then it happens -- you see the lights flashing in your rearview mirror and a police officer asks you to pull over to the side of the street. Of course, you comply. After talking to you, the officer pulls out a Breathalyzer machine and asks for a sample? What do you do?

State police plan major crackdown on marijuana-impaired driving

The Massachusetts State Police have announced plans for a crackdown on marijuana-impaired driving, even as the state continues to work on implementing legalization. Since there is no reliable test for measuring marijuana intoxication, however, the agency will be relying on officers who have received special training in how to recognize stoned drivers.

What will it take to get my license back after an OUI?

Drunk driving comes with a host of serious penalties, some of which can have an impact that reaches into various areas of your life. From your financial well-being to your right to drive, there is much at stake. One of the most frustrating of these is your loss of driving privileges, a consequence that can affect both your career and your personal life.

MADD pushes for ignition interlock law

In a year when the national average for highway deaths involving drunk drivers was 1.9 percent, Massachusetts rated 2.9 percent. An average of 121 people in the state die each year from alcohol-related accidents. Impaired drivers were responsible for accidents that killed over 10,000 people across the country in one year.

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