Drug Charges Archives

Coke finds its way into Church. Pastor accused of selling coke, fentanyl and pills

On May 2, a 58-year-old Massachusetts pastor was taken into custody after authorities found drugs, stolen property and cash during a search of his home and church. He reportedly ran a 12-step substance abuse program at his church.

Massive fraud leads to thousands of dismissed drug charges

A major case of fraud and corruption has led to the dismissal of over 21,000 drug convictions in Massachusetts. In 2013, a state chemist admitted that for nine years, she had returned positive results for evidence in drug cases that she never actually tested and had forged the signatures of her co-workers.

Chris Brown and Lil Wayne may be connected to drug case

Massachusetts music lovers may have heard that Chris Brown and Lil Wayne may be connected to a Miami music producer who was accused of selling drugs. The music producer, who was taken into custody in October 2016, was facing federal drug charges associated with drug trafficking.

Television star charged with cocaine and marijuana possession

Massachusetts residents may know Adam Pally for his prominent roles in the hit television shows "Happy Endings" and "The Mindy Project". The 35-year-old performer is currently starring in the time-traveling Fox comedy series "Making History", but he started receiving some unwanted publicity after he was taken into custody by New York City police on March 28.

Artie Lange busted for drug possession

Massachusetts readers may be interested in learning that former Howard Stern Show favorite Artie Lange has been arrested for cocaine and heroin possession, according to media reports. The bust took place at 14th Street and Shipyard Lane, Lange's residence, in Hoboken, New Jersey, on March 12.

4 taken into custody after police raid Massachusetts store

According to reports, after law enforcement officials conducted a drug raid of a Worcester city antiques store on March 10, they detained four individuals on suspicion of possessing and distributing drugs. Police allege that the store was used as a place where drug deals were made.

Black Americans more likely to be convicted and exonerated

Massachusetts residents may be interested to learn that, according to a study, black Americans are more likely to be wrongfully convicted of drug crimes and violent crimes, such as murder and sexual assault. The study suggests that the wrongful convictions may be caused by racial bias and official misconduct.

3 people charged with drug crimes after hotel raid

Three Massachusetts residents were taken into police custody after a SWAT team executed a search warrant at a hotel in Peabody. According to the Peabody Police Chief, the three accused people are suspected of being drug distributors, and police believe that they may have been selling narcotics from the hotel room where they were staying. The accused individuals are a 30-year-old man, a 51-year-old man and a 42-year-old woman, all from Lynn.

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