Effects of parental rules on alcohol use

Massachusetts parents may be interested to learn about a study that found that parental rules about drinking had an effect on how likely a child was to drink. The study looked at more than 1,000 people between the ages of 15 and 20 in 24 different cities. Participants were asked to report on their attendance at parties and alcohol consumption as well as their family's rules about drinking.

Around 60 percent of participants had attended a party in the last month where alcohol was served. However, the ones who came from families with clear rules against drinking were 38 percent less likely to imbibe at those parties compared to people whose families did not have these rules. Almost 60 percent of the teens in the study said their families had rules about alcohol use.

Experts said that although the result were preliminary, they could be helpful in guiding parents' relationship with their children. Recommendations for future studies including examining what kinds of rules were most effective and looking at different demographics. In this study, about three-fourths of the participants were white. Furthermore, one expert pointed out that other information including religious affiliation, the child's birth order and the parents' history with alcohol might help present a more complete picture.

People should not make the mistake of assuming that because they are a young person or a minor, an alcohol-related offense is not very serious. A drunk driving charge could have an effect on a person's career and future education prospects. Therefore, a person who is facing charges related to underage drunk driving might want to consult an attorney to begin to construct a strategy to refute the allegations. One possible strategy could be to challenge the traffic stop that led to the charge as being made without probable cause.

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