September 2016 Archives

Patch to deter drunk driving may soon hit the market

Massachusetts motorists who enjoy an evening out with friends but who are also concerned about the potentially devastating effects of drinking and driving may soon reap the benefit of one company's bid to end alcohol intoxication behind the wheel. In connection with a mission to solve problems that exist in communities scattered across the globe, DERMATEC, a start-up out of Albuquerque has developed an alcohol detection patch that could ultimately reduce the number of DUI-related injuries and deaths.

New saliva test for THC developed

Law enforcement in Massachusetts may have a new tool that detects THC levels in saliva as well as identifies drugs such as cocaine, heroin and morphine. Although the device, developed by researchers at Stanford University, still needs to be tested and approved by regulators, scientists say it can successfully detect molecules of THC using a simple roadside spit test. The same method can be used to detect molecules belonging to other drugs as well.

Effects of parental rules on alcohol use

Massachusetts parents may be interested to learn about a study that found that parental rules about drinking had an effect on how likely a child was to drink. The study looked at more than 1,000 people between the ages of 15 and 20 in 24 different cities. Participants were asked to report on their attendance at parties and alcohol consumption as well as their family's rules about drinking.

Fast facts about pleading nolo contendere for DUI/OUI

Getting pulled over for DUI/OUI is serious business in Massachusetts. You will face penalties in both the court system and from the Registry of Motor Vehicles and it is a major disruption in the life of those who are charged. Rather than fight the case in court, which may stretch out for months, a majority of the defendants in Massachusetts opt to work out a plea deal in hopes of reducing the sentence, lowering the penalty and/or simply trying to put this unpleasantness behind them and get their license back.

What are considered property crimes?

If someone is charged with a DUI, or assault, or drug charge, it is basically clear what authorities claim to have occurred: drunk driving, injury, and drugs. But what about someone who is accused of a property crime? It is a more vague classification of an offense.

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