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What happens if I'm sentenced to probation?

If you are facing criminal charges, a criminal defense attorney can assist in numerous ways. From explaining the specific charges being brought against you to the possible penalties you face; an attorney will often push to obtain a dismissal of criminal charges, a reduced sentence or probation.

Report: Record number of wrongful convictions overturned in 2105

Just a few short years ago, news of a wrongfully convicted person being exonerated of his or her crime was a major event. However, such exonerations are now quite common in the U.S., averaging roughly three a week.

Is legal recreational marijuana coming to Massachusetts?

Along with drugs like heroin and LSD, the federal government still classifies marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance. Despite this classification at the federal level, several states have taken steps to legalize the use of the drug for both medical and recreational purposes. Now, the issue of recreational marijuana use is coming to Massachusetts as proponents for legalizing the drug have set their sights on the November 2016 ballot.

How a drug conviction can ruin your college dream

One's college years are widely regarded as a time to learn, explore and experiment. It's often through these experiences, both the good and bad, that an individual grows. Numerous successful professionals and politicians, including some Presidents of the United States, have admitted to experimenting with drugs during their college years.

If you get a DUI, how much will it cost you?

It goes without saying that when someone is charged with a drunk driving offense, their life changes. The serious legal punishment that comes with a DUI charge dramatically affects how that person lives and how they can function in society. But the personal and legal consequences of a DUI aren't the only punishing elements associated with the charge. The financial penalties are often just as punitive.

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