Will theft charges in Massachusetts

Not all theft allegations lead to the same potential punishments. One thing that can play a role in what specific punishments a person accused of theft could face is what type of object they were accused of stealing. This is because there are certain types of objects that Massachusetts law has special theft laws for.

One such type of object is a will. Massachusetts law sets aside stealing a will as its own offense, separate from the general theft offense. 

What sorts of punishments could a person who has been charged with stealing a will face here in Massachusetts? Under the state's will theft statute, a person convicted of stealing a will can be given up to two years in a house of correction or up to five years in state prison. 

As a note, under the will theft statute, a person can also face these punishments if they are charged and convicted of concealing, mutilating or destroying a will for a fraudulent purpose. 

When a person is accused of theft, it can be very important for them to understand if the object they are accused of stealing triggers any special theft laws in Massachusetts. This is because whether or not the alleged stolen object triggers special theft laws could impact things like what sorts of consequences a person could end up facing if they are found guilty of the theft or what the implications would be of accepting a plea deal prosecutors offer. Defense attorneys can provide theft crime suspects with explanations of what laws apply to their case given the specific allegations leveled against them. 

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