Different defense options for different assault accusations

There are many different circumstances under which individuals can be accused of assault and battery, but regardless of the circumstances, the penalties of a conviction are serious and should not be taken lightly. Some of the most common circumstances involve bullying, domestic violence or abuse of a child, but there are other instances in which assault and battery may be alleged. If there is a weapon, the charges could be escalated to aggravated assault and battery, which will increase the penalties of a conviction.

Many different legal options exist that people can use in a trial to prove their innocence when accused of assault and battery, but we believe the best outcome is for charges to be dropped before a case even goes to trial. To accomplish this, we do all that we can to conduct a thorough investigation into the case that proves evidence against you is circumstantial, inconclusive or inadmissible.

If a case does go to trial, these same investigation skills combine with years of litigation experience to provide you with the strongest legal defenses possible for your circumstances. For example, successfully pleading self-defense or provocation can see you acquitted of the charges, even if you cannot prove that you did not assault the individual who accused you.

If you have been accused of assault and battery in Massachusetts, visit our webpage to learn about the different legal defenses we can provide, as well as how we have put our years of experience to use for successful criminal defense. The legal penalties of a criminal conviction must be taken seriously, which is why it is important to enlist the aid of an attorney even if you believe that your case is simple. You can never be too careful when it comes to criminal charges.

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