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26-year-old Massachusetts man accused of armed bank robbery

Many Massachusetts residents who find themselves accused of some sort of criminal action may find it a confusing and emotionally trying process to endure. An allegation like robbery can often lead to serious repercussions in the event of a conviction. This makes it even more important for those who may not be used to the criminal justice system to fully research all of their rights and obligations when it comes to preparing a criminal defense.

Massachusetts officials lower charges in recent barroom arrest

Being arrested is often stressful for the average Massachusetts citizen, especially when they are engaged in everyday activities like hanging out at a local bar. Recently, one 26-year-old man found this out firsthand after facing an arrest by Northampton police officials. His arrest became relatively infamous when someone who videotaped the incident also posted it on the Internet.

Northampton, Massachusetts solid waste director faces drug charges

Dealing with Massachusetts drug charges can be challenging enough for the average citizen; those who are in any sort of public position can find it an even more difficult process. This may be the case for the Director of Solid Waste in Northampton, Massachusetts. The 56-year-old woman has been accused of five instances of drug charges in addition to operating under the influence and a firearms violation. Authorities have also leveled several other criminal charges against the woman.

2 Massachusetts parents face criminal charges of PTA larceny

Whenever average Massachusetts citizens find themselves facing criminal charges, the entire legal process can seem scary and intimidating. The truth is, however, that those who educate themselves on the criminal charges they face along with potential penalties sometimes find it a less stressful situation to deal with. Knowledge often feels like power. Understanding both the extent of allegations along with possible sentences can make an accused individual feel more certain as they prepare a criminal defense against such charges.

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