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Being charged with a drug offense is often confusing. The level of the offense depends on the type of drug, the amount and the circumstances of the arrest. Many drug offenses carry mandatory prison sentences. Drug offenses are usually high priority for law enforcement, and in their eagerness to make arrests, police officers sometimes make mistakes, charging innocent bystanders or bringing charges that do not fit the facts of the matter. If you are facing drug-related charges for any reason, it is critical that you have a skilled and aggressive defense lawyer to fight the charges and protect your rights.

Former Massachusetts State Trooper on Your Side

At the law office of Anthony M. Salerno, P.C., our attorney brings an unusual combination of skill and real experience to the art of defending clients against any drug charge. A former Massachusetts state trooper, he had considerable experience with drug investigations while serving with the detective unit. This, and his 25 years as a criminal defense attorney, gives him the ability to prepare your drug case thoroughly based on the facts. He does not accept assertions made by the prosecution and law enforcement without verifying every fact.

We Take All Drug Cases Seriously

Our cases involve all types of drug charges. We have defended college students against minor marijuana possession charges, represented people facing allegations of drug trafficking as well as assisted people charged with possessing illegal prescription drugs, such as OxyContin and Percocet. Whatever the charge, clients can rely on our thorough preparation and aggressive defense. If we believe evidence against a client was illegally obtained, we prove it. If we feel a client was set up, we investigate. In short, we leave no stone unturned when developing a defense against any drug charge.

We have successfully defended clients in cases involving:

Our clients and their families have honored us with their confidence and have referred to our law firm their friends and family members who are facing drug charges.

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